bedlamboy (bedlamboy) wrote in theupstage,

with This Party I Thee Dance

10pm 424 Library St Braddock PA 15104 18+ dancing 21+ drinking

No cover! Donations welcome, proceeds to benefit community programs in Braddock. Invite and bring everyone you know. You want to. You know you want to.

Braddock is making a comeback. It has become a hotbed of artistic happenings. It features community gardens & urban farming initiatives that feed anyone who needs it. The community of Braddock seeks to improve the lives of it's youth thru after-school programs & arts based organizations. They need attention and funding. Their efforts to invigorate neighborhood beautification, in every way, needs your support. Your donation of $10, $5, even $2 will make a big difference for Braddock.

Show your support as you dance to the sounds of

DJ n8thesk8
- founder of super secret dance party & upstage nation, man about town, spins an eclectic mix of 80's, indie, goth & underground dance music of every kind.

DJ ding!bat
-maven of all that is spooky in the steel city, upstage nation & super secret dance party team member, spins a frothy mix of punk, old, new & classic, 80's left-of-center hits that get PBR drinkers away from the bar & onto the floor

DJ Eamon gegen Aaron
-one time only comeback reunion revenge appearance. They will destroy you and all you hold dear.

Your ears will thank you. Your feet will never forgive you.

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