Mirvana (mirvana) wrote in theupstage,

Save Tuesdays at the Upstage!

This is from SPAZ:

Forgotten Music is tonight and every Tuesday at 10-2 and its FREE!!!!
$1 off Domestic Bottles until 12.

i have gotten many compliments from people about the type of retro i play, the only problem is that its on a tuesday night and people forget about it or have trouble coming on a week day.
we have gotten many different people to come out, so i know it can be done, the problem is getting everybody to come on the same day.
if attendance goes down considerably there is the threat of Ron canceling this final non thursday night, weeknight.
i like having a place to go on weekdays, especially because i work weekends and this is one of my days off.

if you care about the upstage, weeknight activities, retro you dont get to hear anywhere else and most importantly.....ME,


And it was a blast last night! Actually it was just a fun relaxing time, but that can be good, too.
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