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10 Years of Ceremony!

Finally! An official announcement / explanation of the 10 Year Anniversary of Ceremony!

As most of you know, The Upstage will be closing its doors for good on 12/31. Due to insurance-related constraints, the owner is unfortunately unable to keep this familiar Oakland establishment open after then.

Fortunately, Ceremony will most likely continue at another venue that is able to provide the same, and possibly better, dance club environment. More information on that will hopefully be released later this week.

But as a lifelong resident of the building that houses The Upstage (formerly The Strand Theatre) Ceremony has decided to celebrate the past 10 years there, as well as say farewell to The Upstage, on Saturday December 30.

The event will host the entire roster of the current Night Shift as well as a variety of former Night Shift DJs too. This special event is not to be missed as 12/30 will be the last official night The Upstage will be open for business. There will also be all sorts of free stuff, candy, and special touches to really say goodbye to The Upstage (NOT CEREMONY) in style.

In fact, we are currently gathering as many Ceremony photos as we can find for a video loop. Please send yours to: anniversaryphotos@gmail.com . Thanks in advance!

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